Protest – No Executive Session!

URGENT call for action

Protest the Mayor’s Executive Session – Monday, May 16, 5:30pm at City Hall (14 Court Sq)

The Mayor called a “special executive session” for Monday, May 16 to discuss the verdict in the discrimination lawsuit against Greenfield and the Police Department. The public is not allowed to attend. According to the rules of executive sessions, if they hold an executive session COUNCILORS AND THE MAYOR WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DISCUSS THE TOPIC PUBLICLY AT ALL, **EVER.** That means there will be no honest accounting for the wrongs done at GPD, or by this mayor or former mayor Martin in enabling those wrongdoings at GPD. As always, the Mayor is trying to brush this under the rug, avoid consequences, and continue with corruption as usual.

The evidence in the court case is DAMNING. We demand public accountability and consequences at GPD!

The council can vote NO to entering executive session and some councilors are ready to do just that. Email and call your councilors, then COME PROTEST WITH US AT 5:30pm, Monday, May 16! Tell the mayor and the council we are watching!

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For the full story see this week’s My Turn (op-ed) and blogpost Why Defund the GPD.